Saturday Snippets

Over spring break, I was posting something nearly every day - a project, a tutorial, a recipe, a wrap-up. I thought to myself, I love keeping up my blog! Why don't I post like this all of the time?

The answer came when I went back to school. I don't often post every day--or every week, for that matter--because I am running from one thing to another. Work, piano lessons, church, dinners, family get-togethers, visits, dr. appointments. And that's just the places I go; of course there are to-do's at home, right?, like the never-ending laundry, house-keeping, and cooking. I suppose I could wake up extra early to write, but then again I could also wake up extra early to work out. Probably not gonna happen.

So this is all I have to offer, my friends. A quick Saturday Snippets with the hope of more time and writing this week.
  • We've been busy wedding planning and wedding DIY-ing. Camille is doing a really amazing thing with windows at her wedding, so here is a sneak peak of what we've been working on. I cannot wait to see it all come together! Wait. Maybe I can. There's still a lot to do!
  • Easter was nice this year with a short trip up to Three Rivers with the Feely's. Although we didn't get to have a meal with my family, I was so happy to celebrate with them at church that Sunday. We managed to snap a picture before everyone headed off.
  • Not a whole lot has gone on around here cooking-wise. I'd be embarrassed to say how many times we've had nachos or burritos for a meal, not to mention how often the drive-thru and car have been our kitchen and table. These pancakes hardly count as anything more than dessert, but man are they good. It's my go-to Williams-Sonoma recipe topped with local strawberries. I wish I was eating this right now.
  • This past weekend we visited John and Kelly at their home in San Diego. As I often seem to do with those two, I failed at picture-taking. We had a great time, though, eating up Kelly's special dishes, talking away, and soaking up the beautiful San Diego weather with a quick girl's trip to Hotel Del. Although we say we went to visit John and Kelly, much of our time was visiting the little ones who think we are there solely for them :) It's pretty cute, actually. Anna and I hung out a ton, and Nick cuddled up to Rob almost immediately. At one point, Kelly sent John into Anna's room to get me, saying to him that I was her friend, not Anna's. Haha! Anna, no doubt, sees it differently.
  • Finally, we continue to enjoy what's blooming and growing. I scaled way back this year with my veggie garden, filling two metal pails with what I use most: basil, tomatoes, chives, and onions in one; and cilantro, jalapeno, and onions in the other. Already I've been dipping into the herbs daily and look forward to the summer fruit headed my way!
And that's all, friends! Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and joy!


  1. those pancakes look delicious!!! can't wait to see pictures from Camille's wedding too - how fun! :)

    1. Yep, there's nothing quite like W-S pancakes - you should get them a try! I'll definitely post tons of pictures. We had a shower this weekend, so I'll share a few from that day soon.

  2. Anna and Nicholas can easily see what great people and friends you guys are, and want in :-)

  3. How does John always beat me to commenting? Anyway, thanks again for making the grueling drive down. Being with you always makes my joy complete. Great idea with those pails, by the way. I'm going to have to do the same since our veggie area isn't ready.


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