The Final Downpour!

We celebrated with Camille at her last bridal shower this weekend, given by Scott's aunts. Everything was lovely right down to the perfect peach napkins. We had a delicious lunch of fruit salad, pasta salad, and chicken salad croissants...followed up with the tastiest cake ever! Camille's new aunts certainly showed her lots of love.

A sweet touch was when one of her aunts-to-be gave a little devotion, focusing on the things she's seen in Scott over the past year. Scott has proven his undying love for Camille over and over...right down to making sure their new home is just what she wants. (He is sanding and painting cabinets for her this very week.) When his aunt asked him what his favorite island in Hawaii is (she was planning a trip there), he said Kawai. The reason? Camille was with him. (Cue aww's.)
Only three more weeks to go!


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