Showered Again!

Saturday, we celebrated with Camille at her second lovely bridal shower. It felt like an afternoon at a wonderful restaurant filled with all of our favorite people. Delicious food, tasty drinks, great company, and a guest-of-honor who is the prettiest and sweetest. was fantastic.

After enjoying a scrumptious lunch and dessert, Ali (our cousin) shared a sweet devotional. It was really neat: she asked three generations to share something they see in Camille that will be developed into a quality of a great wife. The years of experience spanned from about two to over fifty! Ali shared (2 years), I shared (8 years), Mom shared (31 years), and Grandma shared (50+ years!) I can't remember what everyone said, but I will at least paraphrase what I said.
Camille has the utmost respect and admiration for Scott. When Robby and I went to dinner with them one night, and I was digging a bit to get an idea for a song for them, Camille said she loved Scott because she could trust him. She was safe with him. So sweet! And of course, she offers this trust and respect because he's worthy of it. He's taken care of her, protected her, and promised to love her their whole lives. 
After the devotion, we had a fun game where Camille had to answer questions, guessing what Scott said in response. For each wrong answer, she had to chew a piece of gum. Even though she did quite well, she did end up with a mouthful!

Lauren then presented her with a beautiful cookbook. She compiled favorite recipes from many of us at the shower, order a fabulous book from Shutterfly, and included the recipes and favorite photos for Camille. It was so sweet, and we all wished we had one, too!


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