A Greenhouse!

A few weeks ago, some friends gave us a greenhouse. They had had it for some time and never really set it up, so in deciding what to do with it, they remembered us and our love for all things green. So sweet! Our friend brought it over, and we spent the next two days putting it together--a feat that was not easily accomplished. Even though it took about 15 hours to build, it was worth it! We love it!

There were literally only two places it could fit because it has to be up against a wall of some sort to enclose it. We could put it on the side of the house near the fence, or we could put it on the patio. If we placed it on the side of the house, I was worried I wouldn't take full advantage of it being that I never go over there and it's muddy and gross in the winter. If we placed it on the patio, it would have to completely surround our window. However, I knew I would use it more if it was easily accessible. After much debating, we put it on the patio, recognizing we could move if it we absolutely had to.

Turns out, I love it there! It did block my view of the yard a bit, but we swapped out a couple of the panels for clear ones, and this helped a ton. Now I can see my yard, as well as my lovely little greenhouse garden. And I am shocked at how well things are growing. I cannot wait to use it in the fall and winter when we get the low sun shining directly on the patio. Just think! I could have summer fruits and veggies in December!
Zinnies and Pumkins
A shelf of herbs
View from my kitchen
View from the yard


  1. Those are the seedlings you started last Monday? Oh, I am so jealous! It is so cute! Just perfect.

  2. Wow! This is really cool. I can't believe it took 15 hours to build though, that's nuts. Can't wait to see more as it grows.

  3. It's so darling! I'm seriously in love with it. What are the seedlings?

    1. Debbie, yes those are them, and they are about six inches tall now! I cannot believe how well things are growing in there! Kelly, 15 hours is a long time but luckily we still were having nice weather then :) Steph - pumpkins, zinnias, cosmos, and a few that probably won't make it b/c they're cool weather - lettuce, cockscomb, poppies. (I just had to try, though!)


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