Photo Trends

It's funny how there are trends even in photography. Two that were big during our wedding were the angled shots and these lean-in-closer shots. I remember feeling a bit awkward when taking this. The funny thing is this one was our favorite for so long, and now I'm like, Why weren't we just standing up like normal people?

Well, we look pretty :)


  1. Haha! It is a beautiful picture- but Rob looks a little uncomfortable and SO YOUNG! I always thought it was a candid- maybe he was picking you up or something, lol!

  2. Hahaha! So true, there are so many silly trends that come and go! I happen to be a professional photographer so I see these all the time! I try my best to stay away from them for the sake of my client's photo albums in 20 years :)

  3. But you look cute : ) And really, our plain stand up straight at the front of the church with the gladioli sticking out from behind my head photo isn't all that awesome. : ) Wedding gowns change style as well, and you can be thankful for not having 70's tux styles (shudder). Your photos are your snapshot in time.

  4. hahaha love this!! we missed out on this "trend" fortunately and the majority of my photos are in the "photojournalistic" style but I know at some point they will definitely be dated! :D


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