Adding a Pinboard to your Blog!

If you click up at my Projects or Recipes page (go can do it right now if you'd like), you'll see a Pinterest board. A few weeks ago, I thought it'd help with the organization of my blog to make pinboards that correspond to my blog pages. That way if I post about a new project or recipe, I can pin it to my board, and it'll get updated on my page. Make sense?

This was really easy to do. First, you need to have the board you are going to use. This can be a board dedicated to your own endeavors (like mine are) or any board you already have. I made one called "Eats, Treats, and Sweets" where I plan to document my food adventures :)

Second, hop on over to the Widget Builder on Pinterest. Click on the top button that says Board Widget. Enter your pinboard url, then click Build It! You'll see your board with all your pins pop up.

Now here you can make your board work a little bit more for your taste. If you click on "Show Advanced Options," you can adjust the width and height of your board, as well as the size of your pins. If you adjust anything, be sure and click Build It! again.
Once your board looks good to you, go to your blog and choose the page or the post where you want to embed the widget. Copy and paste the first link where you want the board to appear. Then, copy and paste the JavaScript after the body of your post or page. (Note: If you don't add the JavaScript, the board won't appear!)
And that's it! You should have your board embedded into your post or page. It updates as you pin, so it's yet one more way to link everything together and organize your social media life!


  1. I did see that those tabs had changed but I didn't know why. That's cool and super great that they update too. I go back to the recipes you've posted quite a bit. I'm impressed with your widget building skills and explanation too ;-)

  2. okay so I am attempting to add this to my blog as a gadget...and i'm lost :( where do I paste the first link?!


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