Puppy Love

Carly has become the proud mama of this so-cute-you'll-die pup! Her name is Winnie, and we are all in love. She is a maltipoo, which is part maltese and part poodle, and she's right about eight weeks old. I was the puppy-sitter on Saturday, which meant three things:
  1. I spoke in baby-puppy-talk nearly all day. (Oh hi, wittle Winnie, you so cute...) I don't know what comes over me.
  2. I was sure every sniff meant she was going to pee on my carpet, so I was kind of a crazy person who spoke in baby-puppy-talk all day.
  3. I became a genuine puppy photographer. Enjoy!
Calla was and is not a fan, though. She was one annoyed kitty all day long.
Wuv you, wittle Winnie!


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