Anniversary Week!

About a month or so ago, I received a call from the business that did our wedding photos offering us a digital copy. At the time when we got married, it wasn't a given that you received your photos digitally--it was quite pricey to add a digital cd to your package, and since we were on a budget, we couldn't do it. Because the studio is currently clearing out old files, I was able to purchase all of our wedding photos for $100! How cool is that? Until now, we only have had hard copies, so what we purchased was what we got. Now we have all of our wedding photos at our fingertips. Love it.

Tomorrow, my hub and I celebrate eight years, so I'll be sharing a picture a day this week. Some of these did not make our original cut--and you'll see why :)


  1. how cool! and so funny - we had the reverse! I literally JUST ordered our wedding photo album from shutterfly this week because an album was never offered from our photographer! I got a disc with all of the raw images but no album! looking forward to seeing your pics :)

  2. So awesome that they did that for you.


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