A Damper on National Craft Month

It is National Craft Month...did you know that? To celebrate, Joanne's has send out its coupon extravaganza both in a mailer and e-mail, so if you don't get coupons and are in need of a craft item or two, sign up for the list!

I took a little time to straighten up my craft/music room. (Yes, I'm spoiled: we have a whole room devoted to fun things such as sewing and crafting and playing piano. But in my defense, we'd much rather have that room be something else. Can ya guess what that would be?) Here are the pics, which unbeknownst to me at the time are now the before pictures, the pictures I took before the horrific sewing project and before I stomped out of the room, vowing never to sew again.
Oh, everything was so clean and organized. I felt like I could conquer the sewing world! And then I began the dreaded project that has been hanging over me like a dark cloud for months. I told our sound guy at church last fall that I would sew a cover for the new sound bard. I can't tell you why I made such a promise. Perhaps it was because I was on a high from the darling Christmas aprons I made. Perhaps I was fooled into believing a project like that would be easy. (It is basically a big rectangle, afterall.) Either way, I had to make it.

I began the project around 4:00 today. Four hours later, and this is my progress:
Yep. A big ugly mess and a big black rectangle. Two of the sides at least have seams, but besides that, my time was spent meandering around the giant craft board and measuring and re-measuring and cutting and re-cutting. Why oh why is it so hard to cut a straight edge?? Needless to say, I am taking a break. I need to go back and check the dumb board at church, anyway; I have a sickening feeling that I may have miscalculated.

I had higher hopes for National Craft Month...


  1. Oh no! I hate projects that turn out like that! That's when I just bundle it all up and throw it in the corner (or maybe the trash)!

    I got JoAnns coupons, I thought about going and just stocking up on some fabric for future projects!

  2. This is post is too funny. I was bit concerned when I checked my blogs this morning (around 6) and it said that you had posted this 9 hours ago...

  3. oh boo i hate it when stuff like that happens...actually i probably have a similar post in the works. but as a bonus - i scored me some fantastic joann's coupons and USED them today...too bad my total was still $50 :(

  4. So... I do the same thing. When I'm in the middle of a sewing project that goes bad... I just get super mad! And I don't finish it... usually I give it to my mom to finish, or it sits in the bottom of my sewing desk for a year or so before I pull it out and look at it, and then promptly put it back in the sewing desk for another year!


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