HomeSav and a New Mop!

My greener cleaning supplies.  Not shown is the bottle of bleach+water which I do use, even though it's not very green.  I think it's still a good compromise.
Thanks to other bloggers, I have recently discovered a website called HomeSav.  HomeSav highlights different items and brands that are offered at a discounted price, the sale lasting anywhere from 24 to 96 hours.  Most of the items are designer items that have a discounted price that is far above my normal paying range.  However, there have been a couple of good deals, including the one I ordered today.

I have been wanting a steam mop for some time now.  Ever since I went to cleaning "greener" (read the post here), I realized my disgusting mop and bucket of bleach-water is not how I want my floors to be cleaned.  Both Kelly and Stephanie have raved about their steam mops, so I've been keeping my eye on sales.

Today, HomeSav was highlighting a brand called Reliable which sells all sorts of steamers, vacuum cleaners, and irons.  Their steam mop is called the Steamboy T1, and after a bit of research this morning, I found that it is a great runner in the steam mop world.  The Shark, for example, gets up to 110 degrees F; this little guy gets up to 245 degrees F.  That's one hot mop!

I was also very pleased to see that the offer they had was a way better one than Amazon's.  Here's my little comparison:

Amazon: Steamboy T1 with one replacement pad and no extra filters......$75.00 (on sale from $99.00)
HomeSav: Steamboy T1 with SIX replacement pads and one EXTRA filter.......$72.00 (on sale from $99.00)

The only catch is HomeSav didn't give me free shipping, although I e-mailed them (since it said I was supposed to), so maybe they will fix the problem.  Even with their $9.95 shipping fee, however, it still was a better deal.  The replacement pads cost $13 for four, and the replacement filter costs $8.

(UPDATE: HomeSav refunded my shipping charge, so now it's a waaay better deal than Amazon.)

Check out HomeSav by clicking here.  (And if you use this link and buy something, we both earn points!)

My new mop should be here soon.  In the meantime, it's really hard to be motivated to clean my floors knowing I have an awesome cleaning tool arriving this month!


  1. That's really cool, I have been wanting a steam mop for awhile as well...just another thing on our "when we have the money" list.

    I only made it entirely through peddler's market, and I didn't even go into most of them. I think we did more walking and enjoying the sunshine than actual "antiquing." Josh runs out of steam much faster than I do. He's not big on combing through every single case and corner to find something awesome.

  2. Thanks for the mention!I was browsing HomeSav to see if anything new came up and I found your blog! You'll be happy to know we shipped your steamer today!! Make sure you follow us on twitter. Weekly contests on facebook and twitter to earn more credits towards new purchases.

    Thanks for shopping with us,



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