Use-it-Up Challenge: Make-up!

So, I have been making progress on my Use-It-Up Challenge.  I've been planning meals using what I have in my freezer and pantry; have put a hold on buying clothes (although I did buy two new pair of shoes); and have limited my craft purchases until I make things from the material and supplies I have.  I even used old candles to make a new one!  (Tutorial on that coming someday...)  But I think it's time to be a bit more focused.  Perhaps you'll join me?  I'm going to pose a challenge every week or so, depending on how difficult it will be, and I will work on that one thing.  This week, I'm starting small.

Use-It-Up Challenge: Make-up
One of my containers of make-up...this will have to be remedied!
One thing I have learned so far is if you can't see it, you most likely won't use it.  (This led me to use lots of clear jars in my pantry, so I actually know what I have.)  If you are like me, you have tons of make-up, some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly.  But I'm guessing it's all in boxes or old make-up bags, completely hidden by bottles of hairspray and the like.  Our goal this week is to go through that make-up and do a few things:

1.  Keep the make-up that is good and useable, clean it up, and put it in a place that you can see, like in a clear plastic container or an open shelf, if you are so lucky to have an open shelf.  You may want to be extra organized here, depending on how much you have, and use different containers for different make-up pieces or seasons.
2.  From the "good make-up," update your daily make-up bag.  You're probably going to find a pretty spring eye color you forgot about!
3.  Throw out what is old, expired, hard-as-rock, etc.  (That Halloween make-up from five years ago probably needs to be trashed, as well as the gooey glitter nail polish.)  You also may find it's time to throw out or give away old make-up bags and brushes.  How many do we really need?
4.  You may want to have a giveaway pile, but this is iffy with make-up.  Most likely, if you won't use it, it needs to be tossed.  But perhaps you have some perfectly good Clinique samples that a friend may love.  By all means, put it in a pretty bag and drop it off at her doorstep this week!

I'll check back this weekend, and hopefully I (and anyone else who wants to accept this challenge) will have made progress!  Take a picture and share it with me!


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