Tidbits Tuesday

Stephanie every now and then posts a Miscellany Monday, which is a cute way to write about a bunch of little things going on in one blog post.  For some reason, though, Monday just isn't a good blogging day for me.  It tends to be the day I'm running errands, cleaning, and overall recovering from the weekend while preparing for the week.  Tuesdays, however, are piano lessons day, so there's not a whole lot I can do except teach and then wait for the next student....perfect for squeezing in a blog here and there!  (Not while I'm teaching, of course.)

So here's my first Tidbits Tuesday, a bit of everything going on at the Feely's Fresh Nest :)

1.  Progress has been made on the sideyard!
Remember this?  The scary "before" picture
We now have this!  Cleared away and ready for bark, veggies, and flowers!
2.  New plants have joined our backyard, and I'm pretty thrilled about them!
Big leaf hydrangea, planted near my other hydrangea
Hot pink impatiens, peeking out from beneath the kerria
And my new favorite!  Pink sea thrift
Isn't this a neat plant?
3.  We had a successful youth fundraiser dinner on Sunday night.  Every year, the youth (or more correctly, the leaders) put on a St. Patty's Fundraiser to help raise money for camp.  The evening includes dinner, dessert, entertainment, and a silent auction.  Once again, our church gave generously, so each student can have at least $85 taken off their camp cost.  That means more kids get to come, and more salvations get to take place!  Last year, two of our students gave their lives to Christ, so we're big believers in this whole event.

The youth band leads us in a few praise songs.
Seated and enjoying the night!
4.  Apparently, March is the month for coupons and promotions.  In my e-mail today, I received a 25% off at World Market (it's their Friends and Family month, so if you need this, e-mail me!), 25% off at Joanne's (also Friends and Family!), and 20% off at Philosophy.  Then in the mail I received a 2 for 1 on herbs and plants at Lowe's.  Oh if only I wasn't on such a budget!  Maybe we can crunch some numbers and find a little wiggle room :)

5.  We have started reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan in our small group on Monday nights, and I am loving it!  It is all about the Holy Spirit, who sadly is the part of the God-head that can be de-emphasized to the point of forgetting He exists.  Christ said that it was better He leave so that the Holy Spirit would come to us, and yet we fail to recognize the power the Spirit gives us.  I plan on writing more about this soon, but if you're not reading anything right now, I'd encourage you to give this one a go.

And there's my tidbits to share!  How about you?


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