Tidbits Tuesday

What's been going on at the Feely's Fresh Nest over the last week?  Read on to find out...
  • Ever since Robby built me my awesome purple planters, I have been trying to grow a few herbs and lettuces from seed.  Things have been slow going, and even though I know the herbs will pick up once it heats up, I finally just gave up.  (Ha...like that parallel structure?)  So, I gave in to my instant gratification desires and used that buy-one-get-one-free coupon from Lowe's.  I am pretty excited about all this and can't wait to start snipping and using!
My herb planter.  I didn't dig up my seedlings, so they still might grow.
I bought three basil plants!  I go through basil so fast because I put it on everything Italian.
I was excited about this different variety, called Spicy Globe Basil.  It has smaller leaves and is a fuller, rounder plant, but still tastes just as yummy.  
The onion and garlic popped up in only 8 days.  Fun!
Calla lilies were on sale, so we bought two to place in the sideyard.  I hope they'll be huge someday!
  • Yesterday I had a fab day with Stephanie G (How Sweet It Is) and Ellie as we got pedis together.  (Not Ellie, of course, although she definitely was eyeing the fake nails with the $100 bill painted on them.)  Then we browsed through Target and attempted to get a cupcake from the Frosted Muffin only to realize it was closed.  Again.  I just might have to venture over there in between piano lessons today.  Their vanilla butter cupcake is on my mind!!
I wanted to show off my pretty toes without highlighting my sadly mis-shapen feet, so my feet got their own little photo shoot.  They felt the grass was the most forgiving and liked the contrast between the red and green.
  • I finished writing and recording a song for my cousin Ali in honor of her upcoming wedding day using the very awesome Garageband on my Mac. I was really pleased with how it turned out and even more excited when I gave her the cd and she and her hub-to-be loved it!  Their wedding is this weekend, so we've got a busy week ahead of us with rehearsals, practice, and the ceremony.  It should be fun, though!
  • I got some great fabric from Joanne's to finish a project I was working on for my sister, as well as some cute felt to start on a project for a certain someone who is expecting a certain boy at a very close certain time.  More on that later this week...
  • We've watched great movies and terrible movies this week.  The Tourist?  Don't waste your time.  Young Victoria?  Fantastic!  And it's instant streaming on Netflix, so double points.  (Thanks, Chels, for the recommendation.)
  • I am nearly finished with the first book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, loaned to me by Kelly.  It is incredible!  I can't believe I haven't read this earlier in my life.  
  • Robby is one of a few leaders at Elevate who will be leading Bible studies with students.  He will be going through Crazy Love beginning tonight, so we're excited about this new opportunity for him.
  • I haven't even begun tackling the make-up situation, as part of my UIU Challenge.  Doctor's appointments and illness stole much of my time, so it's still my challenge for this week.
  • We had a wonderful Bible study last night that really encouraged me.  I am so grateful for our church, this amazing book by Francis Chan, and our gracious God who keeps moving us to where He wants us to be.  
And that's it, a few little pieces of our life here.  Hope all is well in your nests!  Feel free to join me in Tidbits Tuesday today!


  1. Ha the makeup challenge would take me YEARS to complete, it really is ridiculous, one day I will get it all out and take a photo to see how I can use it up!

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