Six Years, Coastal Style!

This past Saturday, my hubby and I celebrated six years of marriage.  Being the fun husband he is, he planned a surprise getaway to Pismo, thanks to some friends of ours who let us use their family beach house.  We had a fabulous time which, as usual, ended too soon.  Good thing we have another beach vacay just around the corner!

If sap makes you gag, you may want to skip this next section and scroll down to the pictures as I plan on gushing about my husband a bit :)  We've really known each other for about ten years.  Because he was friends with my besties and roomies Steph and Chels in college, it was natural that we'd all hang out.  Within a year or so, we found ourselves wanting to spend more and more time together.  At the end of my sophomore year, he asked me to our spring banquet, which we say marked our first real date.  About 15 months later, in August of 2004, we were engaged and on June 18, 2005, we were married.

I've never known a kinder person than Robby.  I joke that sometimes he's a little too kind!  Whenever I'd want to gripe about a person or situation, he'd listen and try to be understanding but rarely join in with my anger and frustration.  I know now his gentle responses are a good thing -- I often don't need fuel for my fires!  (And if you're wondering, I feel my fires are fewer now.)  He's consistent, faithful, and selfless, qualities I treasure more than anything.  And he loves me -- a lot.

Of course, not everything has been perfect.  (What -- you're not surprised?)  Our biggest challenges have come from being in ministry and more recently struggling with infertility.  But we've walked through it together, coming out a bit stronger each time and growing in our faithfulness.  I've loved our six years together and look forward to another least.

Okay, back to our trip: We spent two nights in Grover Beach and from there visited Pismo (before the crazy Car Show began), Avila, Shell, and SLO.  Here are a few highlights.  (Cue romantic music in background.)
This is just past Avila, a little dock area called Port San Luis where we spent some time on Friday.  It was beautiful and made beach camping look pretty fun.  Perhaps we'll try it someday!
Shell Beach, but sadly there weren't many shells around here.
Enjoying our special anniversary lunch in Avila.  Pizza, of course :)
We were really excited about this bike ride we stumbled upon, the Bob Jones Bike Trail.  It takes you next to the Avila Golf Club and along a nice hilly road where there is a spectacular view of the ocean.  We didn't do the whole ride -- our cruisers aren't really made for mountains -- but what we did was super fun.
Ice cream, of course.  This was called Motor Oil and consisted of a super dark chocolate ice cream with Kahlua and fudge swirls.  Delicious!
Our final anniversary meal: Clam chowder from Splash Cafe in SLO
It was a great trip with lovely weather, fun shopping, good food, and, of course, fabulous company.  What a lucky girl I am!


  1. I dug the sap, and cued the romantic music at the appropriate moment...


    May God grant you many more years!

  2. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!

  3. congrats to you both!! sounds like a lovely weekend...i miss the california central coast :(


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