Tidbits Tuesday

1.  The Breaking Dawn trailer is here!  It seems every time I think I'm over (I use that term loosely) Twilight, something pulls me right back in.  I suppose there is a bit of genius behind dragging the whole saga out like they did, although I really don't appreciate the fact that it will be nearly a year and a half from now until the last one comes out.  Don't they know that the twenty-somethings who began the series years ago don't want to be in their thirties by the time they watch the last one?!

2.  Last week, Stephanie and I ventured over to Farmer's Market and splurged on a few things, like the Cinnamonster pictured below.  A freshly baked giant cinnamon roll with home-made glaze?  Yes, please!  It was our dessert that night after enjoying pizza and a Farmer's Market salad.  The baker said she uses only a cup of sugar for the whole thing, but I made up for it with extra icing.

3.  We had an early birthday celebration for Jerry on Saturday.  I love how everyone is involved in lighting the candles.

4.  My new white hydrangea has blooms!  I can't wait for this thing to be all flowered out.  My pink ones aren't doing much, but I suppose they have all summer still.

5.  Right now, I am attempting sourdough bread number 2.  I've added a few tasty extras to the dough, so I'm anxious to see how it turns out.

6.  The new X-Men movie is great.  Go and see it!

Have a happy Tuesday, all!


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