Tidbits Tuesday

1.  I made Kelly's cinnamon scones, and they are delicious!  We were both excited to use these cinnamon bits from King Arthur Flour, so with 1/4 cup of that and some extra spices, these turned out fantastic.
2.  Other cooking adventures this week included home-made pretzels that my mom and I attempted (and sadly I burned), ATK's cinnamon rolls, a roasted chicken (my second one...so good), and chicken stock, which tasted more like chicken flavored water.  Bummer...but I'm not giving up!  I'll try again another time.

3.  We ventured over to Farmer's Market on Thursday and enjoyed burritos and snow cones.  Ben and Steph were supposed to meet us but got a flat tire on the way!  Luckily, a park wasn't too far from where they were stranded, and it was still relatively cool, so with a few cupcakes from The Frosted Muffin (is it sad that I bought these after we knew they needed help??), we made the most of it.  

4.  My early crop of tasties has come!  The question is...Is this a dinner plate with giant potatoes, strawberries, and tomatoes? Or a salad plate with miniature tates, berries, and tomaters?  I'm not gonna tell...but I will say these were the very best potatoes I have ever eaten.  Who knew taters could be so creamy and delicious?

5.  Steph S. and I were so happy to get to spend time with Chelsea, who was visiting this week!  So glad you came, Chels, and looking forward to seeing you again!  

6.  And finally, summer is here.  It was 97 today.  Hot!  And no longer is our backyard a nice quiet place to drink coffee in the morning.  Summer means no school, which means the neighbor kids are out at the break of dawn screaming--I mean, playing.

Have a happy Tuesday and a happy week!  Stay cool!


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  2. Hey Can, I cannot rightfully claim those scones. I did call you to ask what I should put in them, remember? I am also intrigued about the pretzel making. I would love to try those and bagels too. That cupcakes looks sooooo good. Oh yeah, no more sugar and butter for me, must be why it looks extra good. I can't wait to try a tater pot now. I didn't know home grown would be better...it is just a tater after all. The screaming, I mean playing, kids are out all over my neighborhood too. :-(


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