0 for 2

I have had a hankering for a smooth creamy dessert lately, so I thought...pudding! How hard could it be to make pudding, or pudding-like desserts? Thursday night, I started looking through my recipes and found that Betty Crocker has one to make custard. Three eggs (and some other things) later, I had in my little dish a very lumpy custard. You know your custard is bad when your taster (Robby) says, "It wouldn't be so bad if it had some bacon and ham in it." Hmm...not the response I wanted.

Attempt #2 came when I wanted to bring a dessert over to Ben and Stephanie's. Cooking Light has a Mocha Pudding recipe, so I went for that one. Two eggs (and some other things) later, I had...well...not quite pudding, more like a lumpy mocha drink. Good thing I had a box brownie mix on hand that took my last two eggs. No one can mess up a box, right? Nope. It still didn't turn out! This has not been my week.

So now it's Saturday morning and I'm eating cereal because I have no eggs to make anything else. I am not going to give up, though. I will create pudding. I will, I will!


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