Friday Fave Five

I have seen a number of blogs incorporate the Friday Five, so I thought I'd add it to my own weekly writing. Some have chosen to pick five favorite moments from the week, but I'm going to go with the other trend that is to share five favorite anythings.

Since I was an English major and am a English teacher, I thought I'd share my five favorite books. This was not easy, as there have been many books I've read and loved, but these will probably never cease to inspire me.

Friday Fave Five: Books

Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte) - This is the classic story of "plain Jane" and her remarkable change and journey. I've mentioned before it's one of the best redemption stories, and though some say it has too much of a storybook ending, I say I love the storybook ending!

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)- I've always loved this book, but had the pleasure of teaching the novel for three years to freshmen, and therefore fell in love with it even more. As it is told from the perspective of Scout Finch, who for most of the book is a young untamed girl, there are many funny moments, as well as poignant moments as Scout learns about herself and society. Atticus Finch, Scout and Jem's dad, is one of the greatest men in literature.

The Age of Innocence (Edith Wharton) - Edith Wharton, both a novelist and short story writer, remains one of my favorite authors. This story centers around the scandal of a husband falling in love with the wife's cousin (which interestingly is similar to the plot of Ethan Frome), but there is redemption in it. The last scene is absolutely amazing, as the husband, years later, makes a decision about seeing the cousin.

King Lear - Not a novel at all, but one of Shakespeare's plays, it is the story of King Lear, a man who in many respects is blind in life, but throughout the play comes to understand and see himself for who he is and the world for what it is. Throughout the story, those who remain faithful to him are those he believed wronged him to begin with, namely Cordelia, one of his daughters. There is a beautiful scene of forgiveness at the end.

Ruth, from the Bible - I was going to simply say The Bible, but I thought I'd point out my favorite story in the Bible. Ruth, a Moabitess, finds herself widowed, along with her mother in law and sister in law. Throughout the story, she (and her in-laws) go from empty and broken to full and satisfied, recognizing that God has taken care of them. The final chapter shows Ruth, married to their Kinsmen Redeemer, holding her baby who will be a father to David and therefore to Jesus Christ. It is beautiful.


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