Resolution Check-up

You'd think I'd post a New Year's resolution check-up only if I actually had good news to share, but you'd be wrong. I realized this week that it has been over a month since the new year began and since I made my resolutions. And you know what? I have not done very well! So here are my original resolutions with the updates written next to them.

1. Work out. (Every year I say this, and every year I fail. Perhaps this is the year!)

Update: I have "worked out" (I use that term loosely) a total of TWO times this year so far, and that includes a liesurely bike ride a couple of weeks ago.

2. Write more, and finish many of the things I've started.

Update: Written more? Yes, definitely. Finished any of the things I've started? No.

3. Cook two new things each month. (See how I changed this from last year? I'm making it more attainable.) If I can do more than two, I get extra points.

Update: I have attempted to cook new things (see the previous post on my pudding failures), and I have stocked up on necessary items to cook other new things. Have I actually done one thing and succeeded yet?

4. Save money. Spend less. Enjoy what I have and who I have in my life more.

Update: Yes, we have been better with saving money! I even cut coupons this week :) I'm just going to leave out the fact that my day off today was partially spent at the outlets with my mom.

5. Set aside daily time with the Lord. (Okay, this probably should be at the top, but I don't want to rearrange my numbers.)

Update: Although I didn't begin this right at the beginning of the year, I have been keeping up with a one-year reading Bible, which has been a blessing to me.

Nothing like a little reminder to keep working toward the goal. It is only February, afterall.


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