Easiest DIY Ever

So, what's up with all the DIY's lately? Well, Stephanie G. (How Sweet It Is) and I spent a good portion of our Sunday afternoon at Joanne's Craft Supply, where we stocked up on a few things to keep us going for awhile. I bought a very cute material with simple trees in blues and greens to make pillows. As I was getting ready to do so, though, I decided this plain white frame I have is desperately crying out for something to go inside it. So I thought, why not use a bit of my cute new material?

Here it is, plain and white. We actually hung it just like this in our guest bedroom. It was sort of an "imagine whatever you want to be inside of this frame" idea.
And here it is with its happy print inside!
This had to have been the easiest DIY ever - cut and staple. No other materials required.


  1. Cute! I finsihed the burp cloths, they turned out really cute! I haven't ventured into anything else yet, but I hope to start soon :)

  2. i like it! and i think i need to see a close up of the picture frame on the night stand - that thing looks totally cool :)


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