Busy Hubby

Robby continues to show his true type A personality (he fooled me into thinking he was type B) with his projects around the yard. Friday I came home after school to find a number of new plants added to our yard, so I thought I'd share what we hope will do well over the next few months.
African daisy
(I really wanted the English daisy, but when I explained that, he simply said, "Close enough." Hmm...I guess that is type B.)
Wax begonias, which will hopefully grow much bigger this year and last us through the fall

Okay, new direction in the post. I asked Robby what the other plants are called (as I don't know), and he didn't know, nor did he seem inclined to go back to Lowe's and find out. I take back my type A label completely!! I suppose he is more of a B+.
Here are the other two mystery plants:Even without knowing the names, I still appreciate my busy husband who makes our yard look so lovely.


  1. English daisies won't grow here in any kind of happy way, but the african's love it : ) The bottom plant is Lorapetalum. Not real sure about the other one, show me when the flowers open more.

  2. A happy half hour of hunting and I am thinking that the almost bloomed bright pink daisy flowers might just be English daisies! How about that. Now you can see for yourselves which ones grow best; if I am right, that is. Sunset says some varieties of African daisy are cool season annuals. I am pretty sure yours is a perennial though (there are several plants called African daisy). Sunset also says that English daisies will grow here, but are not long lasting as perennials. Good luck!


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