Calla's New Spot

For my birthday last month, my parents and my husband went in on a chaise-like futon for my livingroom. We have two windows that nearly meet at a corner, so it's a great spot. After trying a sitting chair and a bistro set there, I decided that this is my favorite. I really love it and often spend my mornings on my little couch reading and drinking a cup of coffee, my favorite thing to do. However, I am not the only one who loves this spot. We think that Calla believes that this is one giant cat-bed we bought for her. She is always on it, leaving her white hairs everywhere. She especially likes to balance herself on the pillows--which is quite a feat, as there are all detached from each other--and watch the birds outside.


  1. hi candace! i'm not sure if you remember me...i am marisa (miersma) loper; our parents are friends :). i stumbled across your sister's blog and then found my way to yours! sounds like life is going pretty well for you; are you still in visalia?


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