Birthday fun continues!

I don't know who began the whole "birthday celebrations last a least a week" thing, but I'm a big fan. As I posted last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the fun I had on my birthday, as I thought my surgery would put a big fat damper on everything. January 22nd was a grand day, and the fun just kept going. Here and there throughout last week, I received additional little gifties and cards and belated birthday wishes. The celebration culminated with the arrival of the deGrassie's on Friday.

Now, my poor Kelly had an annoying stomach bug, but champ that she is, she still came to spend 27 hours with me to ensure that we did not miss a birthday opportunity. And of course, she came bearing fantastic gifts: help toward the surgery fund :), the Twilight Saga Scene-it game (which includes Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse!!!), and a Psalter to balance out the previous item. She and John (sorry, D-Brt, I forget that the gifts are technically from you, as well) also treated Rob and me to a delicious lunch at the Lunch Box, the newish sandwich place on Main Street. You can read more details about our weekend at Kelly's post by clicking here.

It was a great time, but as always, and perhaps even moreso than other visits, it was way too short. I'm so glad we have a couple of things planned with the deG's over the next few months. How else am I going to get through these dreary foggy days ahead??


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