Saturday was my 28th birthday, and it was a grand day. Robby began my celebration by hanging the "Happy Birthday" garland and setting up a pretty display of a card and gift on the table. (See how my name is spelled from cool stickers on the home-made envelope?) After opening my iTunes gift and sweet card, we headed off to Starbuck's to enjoy my first cup of coffee since the surgery. It was great! And the best part is, since we're still loaded up with gift cards from Christmas, it was also free :)
After coffee was the impromptu lunch that Chelsea Boyd and Steph so kindly arranged for me. I received a text from Chels the day before saying that she was going to be in town (she never is here, so this was something) and asking if we could get together for my birthday. Nine of us met at Fugazzi's for lunch - Robby, me, Chels, Steph, Molly, Carly, Camille, and Chelsea and her boyfriend Roger. The food was delicious (especially since Roger and Chels so kindly treated me and Robby) and the company fantastic. My only regret is that Chels and Steph and I didn't get a picture together! (Girls, why do always do that??) I guess that tasty complimentary cheesecake had us all distracted. Okay, it had me distracted.
After we said our good-byes to Chels, Steph, and Molly, the rest of us went to my parents' house for a little hang time before dinner. At this point, I was feeling a bit sore, so I got to take a little rest on the couch as we caught up on American Idol and the Bachelor. We also took some time to watch Camille's latest finds on YouTube. (Have you all seen Marcel the Shell with Shoes On?)

Dinner was great and fun. My mom set up a mini pizza bar where we each grabbed a delicious bread and topped it with our heart's desire of toppings. Of course, each of us thought our creation was the best. But really--mine was the best. Auntie Di came and brought an array of desserts -- chocolate cake with white chocolate glaze, boysenberry pie, and a variety of cheesecake slices. Needless to say, we were all wishing we ate a little less by the end of the night.

Whew! What a day...and more celebration came the next day as Robby's grandma treated us to a dinner in honor of my birthday at Olive Garden. Again, cheesecake found its way in front of me, so how could I resist??
In all honesty, I was expecting a pretty laid-back birthday, but once again my loving and thoughtful family and friends made sure my day was special. It was a perfect way to begin this new year of my life! Thanks all for making it memorable!


  1. For the next 4 months the gap between us will be shortened... ;-) I'm glad you had a great birthday! I thought it would be low key too. So glad you are feeling better!!!

  2. Looks like the birthday was great! The shell video is hilarious!

  3. Trying out the tips Steph G. suggested...

  4. Just wanted to let you know I love your hair:) haha


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