To a new year!

Our New Year's celebration was not what it was supposed to be. We were supposed to be with John and Kelly, ringing in the New Year with good food, good drinks, and good laughs. Instead, Robby and I spent it alone as we continued to nurse ourselves back to health. We did stay up until midnight and toasted the New Year with cups of cough syrup, but, of course, it wasn't the same at all.

Even though Robby and I both have hardly moved from the couch since Wednesday night, I still awoke this morning with a sense of excitement. A bout of coughs had me up early, so as I waited for the codeine to take its effect, I had about half an hour to think about the new year. I love new beginnings. I love a chance to make lists and set goals, an opportunity to adjust and improve.

My list this year includes much of what it always includes: I want to exercise, read the Bible and pray daily, eat better. I want to continue my crafting pursuits, although I need to find a way to balance that better. I want to work on my music, and I want to see the children's music ministry at church continue to grow.

There are about ten things I'd like to get started on right now, but being that I have no energy, they're going to have to wait.

I wish you all a happy, joyous, and full 2011!


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