Just put a bird on it.

You all know my obsession with birds. (Okay, everyone is pretty much obsessed with birds right now.) In my defense, I do believe I began loving those cute little avian friends before the trend went crazy, but who can be sure? Somewhere I probably saw a little sparrow outline on a bag and fell in love.

The point: Watch this funny video called "Put a Bird on It" that is now on Design*Sponge. Click here to go to the post. Even if you miraculously steered clear of the bird trend, I'm sure you'll still appreciate it and probably want to send it to your other bird-crazed friend.


  1. Haha! Anna saw your post and said, "boc-boc!" (her word for bird)

  2. I'm not obsessed with all birds, but I do love owls. Owls have become so trendy in the past few years, and it really bothers me. Why? Because I've loved owls, collected them, and had them as my mascot, for at least 25 years. My family nickname is even Owl! Everyone else who is "into owls" is just a poser compared to me, but despite being a leader in the owl movement, I probably look like a follower by having so much owl stuff. The one benefit is that it's now easy to get owl stuff in stores, whereas 10 years ago, you could hardly find anything.


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