A new couch

For the last five days, I've spent most of my time on my couch. Today, I moved my recovery over to my parents' couch for a change of scenery. It was nice spending time with my mom as we watched food and craft shows, pretty much our favorite thing to do when we're lounging around. She introduced me to a chef named Nick Malgieri. He is a cooking instructor at a culinary institute in New York, an author of many great cookbooks, and a frequent visitor on cooking shows. I am putting his book Bake! on my list of must-haves this year. Until then, he keeps a great website by the same name that includes some of his recipes and tips.

While looking for more of his recipes online, we found this awesome "How to" on epicurious.com written by the very man! It's called Cakes: Recipes and Tips and includes a complete guide to baking, plus ten classic cake recipes. It is worth your time to check this out!


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