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Steph introduced me to this fun crafty blog called MMM Crafts. It's pretty cool, a la Design*Sponge but a bit more crafty than designy. I especially love the free printables the site offers. (Who doesn't love free, right?)

My cousin Kristen shared with me a site called Missouri Star Quilt Company. It's targeted for quilters, but it has really good prices on materials in general. What sold her (and is getting my attention) is the daily deal. She says she has received yards and yards of beautiful quality material for little dollar prices. You have to check the site early though because the deal does run out.

Jessica pointed my attention to this blog called I Sew Lucky. It is a hodge-podge of her everyday life, her decor, and her design. She has amazing and adorable plushies and dollies she makes. (Jessica, have you seen today's giveaway on her site? An owl, of course!)

Another fun blog that I passed on to Steph is called Manhattan Craft Room. What I really love about this blog is the simple sewing projects she'll feature. Oh and I love that her name is Brett. So cute. Check out her awesome Christmas tree skirt. I'm thinking I need to adjust this to be a table cloth or something.

Any other neat craft/decor/home/food/life blogs or sites that you've found? Please share them with me!


  1. my sister found the most amazing DIY furniture making blog/website!! it's seriously crazy amazing...and for some reason power tools scare me a lot less than a sewing machine (probably b/c i know how to use the former and not the latter). anyway, check it out!


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