Dragon Slippers

Are these not the cutest things ever?

A couple of weeks ago, Made By Rae posted a how-to to make these adorable dragon slippers. (If you haven't yet checked out her site, you must! Her patterns are so creative and really easy to follow.) I immediately began naming off the little boys I know who would love these (or at least the moms who would love their little boys wearing these), so I set out to make my first pair for Elliot, Jessica's little one, planning to follow with a baby pair for Kelly's boy-on-the-way and then a toddler pair for my nephew.

Last week then, as Jessica and I were running some errands, we headed over to Joanne's and picked out fleece in appropriate boy/dragon colors, as well as the odds and ends that I needed to make these. I began the project around 6:30 that night and worked into the wee hours of the morning to finish them. I just couldn't help it! The more complete they became, the cuter they got.
I was so excited to give them to Jessica on Sunday, but as we put them on Elliot's cute little feet, we could both see they were going to be too snug, or at least would fit for only a short, short time. The plan changed. Kelly would get the first pair, which is actually perfect as I was planning on visiting her, anyway. I'll work on the others in the next couple of weeks.

The pattern is really quite simple, once you get the measurements. The trickiest part about it all was adding the elastic casing, which is evident by my very crooked line. Luckily, because the top bunches a bit, it wasn't too obvious. Another neat thing about the pattern is you can modify it for any size, so long as you have a shoe or foot to trace to begin. Each slipper needs the following, two outside pieces, two inside pieces, a sole, and a tongue:
Once finished, the inside is about as cute as the outside! You could easily leave off the buttons and tongue and make these a reversible slipper. So fun!
So now when Baby Boy deGrassie enters the world, he will have something very cozy to keep his feet warm.

Want to make your own pair? Click here for the full instructions.


  1. I've seen these in real-life and they're even cuter than they appear here. Awesome Candace! And, thanks!

  2. Roger wants to trade his Toms for the dragon slippers.... So cute, makes me wish I had a niece to give them to.

  3. SO CUTE!! glad you like her site; i knew you would! :)

  4. Darling Can! Maybe on your next pair we could have a little sew-a-thon and you could show me how it's done!


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