Preparing for Spring

The last two weekends have been work weekends for us. By "us" I mean Robby, of course, with me as a part-timer at best. Last weekend, he built my fantastic planters for me, and we spent time weeding and pruning and trimming. On Friday, we planted a whole pile of plants Debbie gave to us, which will be beautiful come springtime. Then on Saturday, Robby used some leftover stones from the path he put in last year to make a few stepping stones by the maple tree. With the addition of some sweet alyssum in between and a couple gloriously green breath of heavens, that area has become my new favorite spot.
Other exciting news: I have plantlings! Five of my nine seeds I planted last week have sprouted! Here's the biggest one, some baby arugula. So cute.
We just can't wait for spring, and I especially can't wait to make a salad with my home-grown lettuce and herbs.


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