Sad Scones

The evening began exciting enough. I was browsing through this amazing food blog Jessica sent me awhile back called Crepes of Wrath. It is awesome. I spent 45 minutes just perusing the recipes and mentally bookmarking any I wanted to make. I was inspired to make these beautiful lemon scones since I have an abundance of lemons right now, and a warm tasty scone seemed like a nice evening treat with a cup of tea. We are preparing for another rain spell soon, so it's back to cold weather things here in Visalia.

I got to work, taking out my ingredients and zesting some lemons. All was going well, but for some reason the dough wasn't really holding together. I added a bit more milk thinking it was too try, which helped. As I was scooping the last scone onto the cookie sheet, I realized I forgot an important ingredient. Butter. One and a half sticks of cubed butter were sitting on my counter. How did I miss that??

Three options are always available for the baker at this point: try to salvage what she can, knowing that the final product will no doubt be poor; throw it out and start over, knowing that she's using up another set of perfectly good ingredients; throw it out, grab some ice cream from the freezer, and be done with it. Because I wasn't about to let those beautiful lemons go to waste, and because I had no energy to start the recipe over, and because there is no ice cream in the freezer, I opted for the first and squished the butter in my already too wet dough.

Twenty-five minutes later, I had what looked like...well...see you for yourself:
Somewhere between a hashbrown and a splatter paint project, maybe? Sad, sad night for the scones and for me.

The amazing thing is that they didn't taste too bad. Sure, they were tough, and melted butter was everywhere, and the edges were burned. But somewhere in all that, I could tell these could have been good. I will definitely give these a try again, and this blog has now been added to my faves.


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