In love

We had a nice day off yesterday, and as we were lounging around, we decided to pull out our wedding album and a reminisce about our day. Although this was always a favorite picture of mine, for some reason it never was chosen to be one that was ordered in a larger size, so I only have the original print of it. Maybe someday I'll take the time to go and get it enlarged to enjoy it better, but until then, it will need find a home somewhere on my blog.

PS - What do you think of the new blog look? I was wanting a little more sunny colors in my life these days.


  1. I love the new look!! Cute picture too. I changed mine today too, but I am sure I will be changing it again shortly. I just don't like my blogger options and I am sick of trying to hassle blogger into doing something more sophisticated.

  2. So, you have inspired me to get rid of the transparent background and I like my new font...but I still don't know if I have found the background that really says "us".

  3. I love that picture! I have fond memories of your wedding day and was blessed to be involved on the sidelines. I particularly remember that getting your family all together to start the reception was like trying to herd cats. =)

    I love the warm colors in your new blog design! But I find the cursive-style font difficult to read.

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  5. Deb, I agree with you about the font! I made a change, and will probably try out a few more before I find one I like. Miss you and hope Nathan's birthday was lots of fun!


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