Sweet Soaps

These lovelies were a birthday gift from Stephanie G. and came from an Etsy shop called Pure Simplicity Soaps. The soaps are all natural and smell delicious, and I just love the fun shapes and colors. To really be wowed, check out the Etsy site. This seller has all kinds of beautiful soap creations that look good enough to eat. (And since they're all natural, it really won't hurt you if you do try a taste.)

I love pretty bath things, but I have a confession. I usually won't use them because I feel they're too pretty to use. Case in point: the beautiful bubble bath Debbie gave me from Philosophy two years ago is still sitting on my bathroom counter. However, because I am taking on my Use-It-Up Challenge, I am not going to let these wonderful soaps go to waste! There actually is a fourth in the set Steph gave me, but it is not in the photo because it's serving its purpose...in the shower! Now I can say from experience that not only do these soaps look and smell wonderful, they make your skin super soft, too.

Coincidentally, Steph S. also gave me a sweet hand-made soap. I'm trying not to read too much into these gifts... :)


  1. Haha! Yes- USE them! I bought the pink lemonade one for myself as well and it is super! My skin feels really soft after, which I haven't always experienced from handmade soaps :) Glad you are enjoying! I think you should read into that we all know how much you love pretty, handmade things- even soap :)


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