Purses and bookshelves and quilt racks...oh my!

Marisa, fellow blogger-friend (renewing my mind) and DIYer, pointed me to two fantastic sites that I wanted to share because I've already become addicted. First is Made by Rae, a great sewing/DIY/just plain cute site that has free awesome templates. I just printed out the template to sew her Buttercup Bag and cannot wait to get started. The second fab site is Ana-White, a do-it-yourself furniture site. This one is so great, as well. I've already flagged the leaning bookshelf and modern quilt rack and plan on hinting to my hub that handcrafted furniture is more desirable than diamonds for this Valentine's Day. (As if diamonds were really an option...)

If you're wondering what the top picture has to do with this post, the answer is...nothing. But I wanted the post to be cuter, so I just "put a bird on it." :)


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