For the Birds

Yesterday, I received this adorable crocheted bird from Jessica, which now greets people as they walk through our front door. If I was on the fence about taking the time to learn crochet before, I've just hopped over to the right side. It is officially on my "I want to learn to do this" list.

That sweet little bird got me thinking: I need to freshen up the bird feeders and bird houses in my yard, so I'm ready for the spring arrivals. So, I filled the feeders...
...and swept the front porches of the houses, while tossing a handful of birdseed in each.
The birdhouse above was a gift from Stephanie Sario, and I think it's gotta be the coolest birdhouse out there. What little flying friends wouldn't want to hang out here?


  1. i just taught myself how to crochet!! and it is incredibly easy! my mom did show me while i was in ca, but i didn't actually try it until i got home. praise the Lord for online videos ;). i liked the best. i am now attempting a baby for patterns, well those are a bit more difficult. i'll be posting soon on the outcome! but you can totally do it :).

  2. Great post! We have to get together and crochet. It's one of those great hobbies that is portable and made for chatting it up while your fingers are busy. I would be overjoyed if you would let me teach you. Please, please, please!!!


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