Candy Canes in August

Finally the candy cane zinnia has bloomed!  We only got one plant to grow (like the green 'envy'), but it is stunning.  I wish my camera could capture the contrast of the pink and greenish-white better.  So beautiful!

Other exciting bloom news is this "double click" cosmo, our new favorite type of cosmo.  It took these, as well as the special zinnias, longer to finally bloom, but they are indeed worth the wait.  


  1. I was wondering what that pink flower was in the other post. Really nice cosmos! I wonder if they come in other colors. : )

  2. Thew scanty flowers that we have planted are not doing well. And some caterpillar has the nerve to snack on my petunias! Hopefully, it will be easier to invest in plant life if/when I own a home.


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