Green with envy?

My one and only 'envy' zinnia bloomed last week!  I love green flowers and was so looking forward to a yard full of these beauties, since we planted a whole packet of seeds.  Only one has popped up so far, though.  I'm hoping I may get a few more and am also still holding on for one of the candy cane varieties to show itself.  If it does, you can be sure I'll snap a photo.

Other cool zinnia photos:
A lone orange stands out among the purples -
These guys are over three feet tall!
Purple beauty
I'm not sure how this got into our yard...I'm hoping it still may prove to be a striped candy cane variety, but we'll see.
These we bought at a local nursery, and although the color is pretty, they haven't done as well as the ones we've grown from seed.  Next year, we'll try to get them to grow on our own instead of buying the six packs.


  1. I really love those flowers. And I love green flowers too. Have you seen green roses; they are awesome?


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