Ten Secrets

My friend Stephanie is hosting a 10 Day You Challenge.  I've often chickened out of being part of these things, but I decided I'm going to give this one a try!  I'm late on this first one, but I'm still going to do it.

So, ten secrets.  I've been thinking about them this morning and I think I've got it down to ten.  

1.  I sleep talk, sleep shout, sleep scream, and sleep jump, among other sleep activities.  It usually ends at the jumping part because I finally wake myself up there.  Rarely have I ever gone into sleep-walking mode, but I've gotten pretty active even without that.  (My poor hubby is usually the victim of my violence.)  The most recent one was while I was at camp.  I screamed and jumped out of bed, sure that the roof was caving in.

2.  I am a true-blood introvert.  I may fool people because of things I do (like teach) or things I am involved in, but I love being at home, quietly working on projects or music or writing.  I was the kid that wanted to go to her room when she was in trouble; getting sent outside to play would have been the real punishment. (Not that I was in trouble that often.)

3.  For being a former English major and teacher, I am not that big of a reader, at least not of novels.  I have a hard time starting a book, strangely.  Once I begin it, I'm fine, but I always find other pastimes I'd rather do than start that book.  I do best with series because I'm already invested in the story, and I don't have to motivate myself to start the next one.

4.  I don't particularly like movies.  I know I'm weird.  It's kind of like the book thing with me - once I'm into it, I'm fine, but it takes a lot for me to be motivated to start a movie.  And I don't like romantic comedies or drama...they're too draining for me!  I like PG (maybe PG-13 if it's superhero stuff) action, adventure, and fantasy.

5.  I truly enjoy organizing.  I tolerate cleaning, and sometimes find that enjoyable as well, but organizing is fun for me, especially when I buy some cute things to use for the organization project.

6.  I'm a bit of a neat freak with my house, but there are two areas I'm down-right slobbish: my car and my clothes.  No matter how many times I clean them and vow to keep them neat, they just get messy again!  Someone tell me the secret to keeping neat drawers!

7.  I (like Stephanie and many others who confessed after her confession) talk to myself all the time.  Outloud.  Entire conversations.  With me.  I also have done the thing where I'm so involved in my head conversation with myself that I start talking outloud even when people are around.  Oh and I also talk to my cat.

8.  I'm super insecure about my feet.  I've inherited the worst feet genes that not only are unattractive but painful, as well.  I dread summer not because of the clothes or swimsuits but because of the shoes.  Flip-flops and sandals?  I'll take ballet flats and boots, please.

9.  I write songs all the time.  I may not finish them, but I'm constantly writing a chorus or coming up with a melody I like.  I would love to do music professionally, more than just playing for weddings or teaching piano.

10.  If I could go back and study anything, I would study design.  I have no artistic ability (I'm more of a crafter, not an artist), and the only "design" I've done is decorating my house, but I think it would be so fun!

Yikes, re-reading this, I sound like a nerd!!!  I suppose that's why I've kept these as secrets :)  The cat's out of the bag, now.

Want to join in?  Hop over to Steph's blog.  She's already on Day 8, but you can come late with me.  All welcome!


  1. You brave soul, you! I especially love #1 as it reminded me of Honduras and the middle of the night spider incident. Hilarious! I love you, Can and all your secrets too.

  2. Well my friend, we are nerds alike. As I read your secrets, I was cracking up because most of them apply to me as well!

  3. Ha number one makes me laugh! I don't think I am quite that bad, but I know I giggle in my sleep and have jumped a time or two! All good secrets :)


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