Nine Loves

1.  I love coffee, but perhaps the greater love is really "coffee time."  Nearly everyday, my hubby and I have coffee time together (we even call it that!), usually outside if it's nice, or sitting on the couch if the weather keeps us in.  It's our time to connect before we rush off, pray together, talk about what's going on.  Without a doubt it's my favorite part of the day.

2.  I love a clean house :)  If I'm stressed or upset, a clean house can almost always make life okay.

3.  I love my cat Calla, even though she is quite bratty at times.

4.  I love the fall and all that comes with fall...pumpkins, spice lattes, breads, soups, lovely scarves, cool mornings and evenings, colored leaves.  I really need to live somewhere that gets more than a month of autumn!

5.  I love writing - mostly songs, but also journals, stories, poetry, even blog posts.

6.  I love making/growing/doing something from scratch -- a chocolate cake, a flower (from a seed I planted), a project that is mine from start to finish.  Love it.

7.  I love dark chocolate, especially with sea salt and caramel.

8.  I love my family.  Of course, we all love our families, but I feel like I am the luckiest...three beautiful, fun, amazing sisters; parents who are my biggest fans ever; in-laws who love me like their own; and my sweet husband who says his favorite part of the day is also coffee time with me.  (How great is that??)  I also love those people in my life who have become like family.

9.  I love the Lord, and love that He loves me!  (Wow, three "loves" in one sentence.)  I mean, of course I love God.  He saved me.  But the fact that He loves me?  That I can't get over.

So many loves!  This list could go on and on.  Thanks, Steph, for hosting this.  It's always good to pause and reflect on the good things we have.

Care to join in?  Hop over to Steph's blog.  We'd love to read about your loves, too!


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