Blogger, you bug me

I have spent much of my time the last two days trying to figure out how to upload a document into my blog. (Blogger doesn't really have an easy way to do this, so you need to get around Blogger...annoying.) One of the purposes of my new blog (candacefeelymusic) is to provide resources for my piano students and their parents, as well as for those planning a wedding.

Here's the how-to, in case this is something you've also wanted to figure out. Create your file and save it as you would like, probably a PDF if you don't want it to be changed. Upload it unto your Google documents and make it public. Once you do that, open your document, and you will see that there is now a url link that you may use to direct people to that page, or also a way to embed it, if it's a small enough document that will be an image on your blog.

Just be careful what you upload there. It is, as the name says, accessible by the public. You don't want to give Google too much power.


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