A week already?

I haven't gone a whole week without posting something in quite awhile. The sad part is last week was my first real week home, the first week of my new phase of life. You would have thought I would have plenty of time to sit around, but I actually kept myself quite busy. Plus, I had my inevitable illnesses that come from a busy traveling season and the usual blues that arrive after a busy time ends.

It was a nice week, though, and I was able to spend time with Josh and Jessica and their adorable baby boy Elliot, Ben and Steph (and Baby G on the way), and all of our family, not to mention phone calls with the Bestie and sister Chelsea, who is preparing to leave to Holland from New York as we speak. I also cleaned a bit, did laundry, started some projects, and finally began a new book.

Things are good, and I especially am quite thrilled about the lovely weather we are having here in Visalia. Nineties in August?? Fantastic!!


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