Centrifuge 2010

Our last hoorah for the summer was taking our youth group to Centrifuge, a Christian camp held at Jenness Park near Sonora. It was an awesome time. I know many people were praying for us (and probably me specifically), and we felt it. Many of students evaluated and recommitted their lives, and two of the students we brought accepted Christ to be the Lord of their life!

Our theme was Kairos, which is a Greek work that means "an appointed time." During the week, the word was used to talk about those defining moments in our life. Each day centered on one characteristic or quality that God calls us to have: love, obedience, commitment, integrity, and sacrifice. Some of our students were part of a painting track, and one student did this to remember the theme.

Each day at camp was a full day. We began the morning with breakfast at 7:30, then the "AM Show" at 8:30. After that, students went to their Bible study leaders and recreational time. The rec games centered on trust and team-building. From there, students had two different tracks, which changed after two days. Our students chose anything from painting to ultimate frisbee to a class on cults to a mission trip (nearby, of course). As adults, we too had Bible study and rec, although we ditched the rec time this year. The rest of our time was spent hanging out with students and leading the church group time at the end of the night.

Here's a picture of our two students who accepted Christ. Jenness Park has a neat tradition: each student who accepts Jesus during their camp time gets to ring the big bell at the end of the week.

The camp was busy and exciting but was set in a really beautiful place. The weather was ideal to sit in the shade and enjoy the lovely surroundings.

We had a great time, and each one of our students expressed how impacting the week was for them. For me, it was most amazing seeing how different this year was for me than the last. God truly has brought me a long way! Thanks to all of you who prayed and supported us!


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