Something cool has happened recently at our church: we have enough students who have graduated from high school to finally make a college group. (If you've ever been in a small church, you know that's an exciting thing!) However, "enough" is still a small amount, and when you factor in jobs, homework, classes, etc., it's hard to choose a night that can get everyone together. Robby decided to make use of a local venue to jump start our college group. Every Tuesday night at Cafe 210, a Christian coffee shop downtown (it's run by a Presbyterian church), a group called Elevate meets. It's a service geared toward college age students and consists of great worship music and a speaker each night. Last night, we took six of our students and checked it out. Overall, it seems we liked it, although we know it'll take some time to really say what we think. But I think for us and our situation, it's perfect. Whether ten students can make it or only a couple, it's a really great service. Plus, the coffee shop afterwards provides the perfect place for us to hang out, perhaps do a small Bible study, or just catch up.

If you're in the Visalia area, it's worth checking out! Click here for more information.


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