I Heart Bakersfield

I never thought I would have a reason to love Bakersfield, but I do now. Bakersfield keeps our friends the deGrassie's close to us, even though they've recently moved to San Diego, since Kelly's parents live there. It is practically impossible for them to come to Bako without seeing us, and this week was no different. We were able to spend all of Friday and Saturday morning with them. Fun!

Kelly and I did homemade pizza again. We're getting quite good at this. Look at this yummy thing! It was heaven. We used the thin crust recipe from Williams-Sonoma, which really does produce a great tasty crust. If you try it out, one tip is to roll your dough way thinner than you think you need to. It's amazing how much it puffs up. We topped it with whatever we could find and devoured the whole thing.

Rob and John's pizza wasn't quite as good because they were late and got somewhat of the leftovers. They weren't complaining though - they got golf and Robby's tortilla pizzas to supplement.
The evening ended with an intense game of Scattegories and a lame movie, The Ghost Writer, which has been much a part of our discussion today, even though it is really one of the worst movies I've seen all year. (Kelly is supposed to be writing about it, so you can check her blog for the info.)

Coffee and crepes for breakfast was the icing on the weekend cake for us. A deGrassie visit always ends way too soon, but at least we enjoy our limited time to the fullest.


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