A little change for Friday Faves

I have not been very good at keeping up Friday Fave Fives. That is because I can never think of a good category that contains five things for me. So I'm adjusting it to be Favorite Things Friday. The amount of favorite things is just going to be a surprise. We shall see if I keep this one up.

Today continues the Bird Lady theme because I wanted to share one of my favorite things I have in my home, which just happens to highlight birds. It's not really about the birds, though. It's about my mom. These beautiful framed ceramic pieces were a wedding gift to my parents from my grandma, and I have always loved them. (Could that be the reason I'm obsessed with birds to this day?) When my parents moved from their house two years ago into their new home, I was helping my mom unpack boxes and pulled these out. I told her how much I loved them, and she said I could take them and hang them in my house now. They were one of the first things to go up on the wall, and I have no plans of taking them down. They are so special and beautiful.


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