Yesterday, as I was leaving to run errands, a young guy walked up to me and wanted me to buy something. Instead of doing the things I had just learned, I utterly failed. In the course of about a minute and a half, I gave my name and occupation, and revealed to him I was at home alone and didn't know if any of my neighbors were home. Oops.

I did shoo him off and get into my car, then I realized that he also knew I was leaving. At this point, I was totally stressed out, and became even more so when a strange car was parked around the corner with two guys just sitting in it. So, I did my neighborhood watch duty and called the non-emergency line for the policy. They were aware of some college students walking around selling things, so that made me feel better, but they went ahead and sent someone to double-check that they had a permit to do so.

I never thought of myself of being too trusting of strangers, but yesterday proved it. I'm sure the guy was harmless and doing what he said, but still, the fact that I so willingly gave my info shows that I must be in a habit of doing that.

I'll do better next time!

Just me writing this blog post the very thing I'm trying not to do???


  1. I think that it's okay for you to write the blog post. At some point my philosophy is that I will be reasonably careful, but not paranoid and trust that God is big enough to take care of me and protect me. This is a philosophy that I have built up from years of my mother's worries and me learning that worrying is not ok. Don't worry! Just be cautious. :) Love you!


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