Thanksgiving Part 2

The Thanksgiving feast continued, as we headed to celebrate with the Vander Kooi side at my Uncle John and Aunt Anne's house. Actually, we celebrated in their room above the barn. (Don't let the word "barn" fool you - this is more of a lodge-esque banquet room.) The day began with some home-made cinnamon rolls, which, let me tell you, were no easy feat. They tasted amazing, but I don't believe I'll be making those again until I have my stand mixer. My wrist is still sore mixing! I'm waiting for Robby to wake up as I write, so we can have a left-over roll. My mom also made a delicious quiche, so even before the turkey dinner began, we were enjoying scrumptious food.

After our brunch, we began the food preparation. My mom had already made the turkey, so it was just a matter of pulling it out of the oven and getting to the side dishes: stuffing, brussell sprouts (really, they were good!), cranberry sauce, and gravy. We had to smell that yummy food for over an hour as we drove to the Verwey's. In the end, it was worth it.

Preparing the stuffing
Carly and Honey
All dressed up, so time for a picture!
Kara, Chels, and me
The banquet table
The Verwey girls
One of the many "friends" in Uncle John's room. He's quite the sportsman! Camille couldn't help posing, as her fur vest fit the scene so nicely.
The guys played a dice game at the bar. If you look closely, you can see a couple of more "furry friends" around the room.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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