HP, I love you

This past weekend, Robby and I went with Ben and Steph to see HP 7, Part 1. There isn't much to say here except that it was awesome. I loved every second of it and knew it was already capturing the emotion well when ten minutes into it I was crying. July just cannot come fast enough to see Part 2.

I happened to browse Cake Wrecks and thought it'd be worth sharing that the "wrecks which shall not be named" might be worth checking out, especially that last Harry Potter one. Yikes. Enjoy the wrecks by clicking here, and then click here when you want to see the awesome ones.


  1. I cried during Hermoine's obliviate charm too. Too bad neither of us get much of a post out of it because it was awesome! I hate to mention it but your plug for cake wrecks had a bit of poor timing. The post after the HP cakes...well, its got an awful lot of genitalia. I hope no one is scandalized if they follow the link.


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