The Lunch Box

On Wednesday, Steph G., Elizabeth, and I met for lunch at a newish Visalia place called The Lunch Box. The environment was very warm and fun, with lots of bright colors and wood tones. (I especially liked the furniture because it's from the same line as the coffee table I have in my house.) There are large long tables where big groups can eat or where people can enjoy their food family style, or there are smaller tables for two or four to sit.

I thought the food was good, perhaps not the best soup or sandwich I have ever eaten, but enjoyable nonetheless. The ingredients were simple but seemed quality. My turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich had flavorful meat and a good slice of avocado, with just the right amount of mayo. I had to add salt and pepper, but that's me anyway. Although the soup was fine, it did lack a little something. I only tried one, though, so maybe her other soups are better.

The menu was a bit overwhelming - tons of sandwich and wrap options. However, only one soup is offered, and it isn't a coffee bar, so you can either get plain coffee, soda, or tea. That simplified things. The price was fair, a larger amount of food than what Panera gives for about the same price. For $8.99, I had the lunch combo, which comes with a whole sandwich or wrap of choice, the soup of the day, a little cookie, and an iced tea. It is easily something one could share and save a little money.

Overall, I think it's a great addition to Visalia's downtown dining choices. I'm sure it's giving Tazzaria a run for its money, although if you want the best carrot cake ever, Tazzaria still is only the option.

Check out the Lunch Box's website by clicking here.


  1. I had the broccoli cream soup the next day and it was really tasty!

  2. That looks like such a cute place! Aw I miss Visalia! But thanks for keeping me posted on places to visit!!!


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