Muffin dress-up!

My mom recently purchased these neat silicone baking cups (shaped as flowers - how cute!) from World Market. These little things are awesome. I tried them out last night baking some of my mom's zucchini bread. They come in sets of ten, so you can purchase a few (4.95 for ten - a deal!) and have plenty for a big batch of cupcakes, muffins, or bread. Instead of a muffin pan, which only holds twelve, you can cram fifteen or so of these onto a baking sheet and get your baking project finished much more quickly. With some cooking grease sprayed onto each of them, your tasty baked treat will pop right out. The best part about them is the clean-up: just soak them in a little bit of soapy water, and they clean right up.

I checked WM's website, but they don't have these online. However, I've seen them at a couple of World Market's, so if you're interested, grab some for your holiday baking.

Interested in making some zucchini bread for yourself? My mom uses the tried and true recipe from BH&G and adds extra zucchini, spices, and walnuts. Check it out here.


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